100th birthday in Estonia

Come and celebrate our birthday in Estonia. We have a lot of events, activities, great dining places, unique clean environment and so much more to offer You!
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Celebrate around the globe

A unique Estonia 100 and EU Presidency international programme will reach more than 30 countries in 2017 and 2018. Take a look at the programme which combines the best parts of Estonian culture, science, IT and enterprises.
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Nearly 40 events took place around the world in January marking the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

Nearly 40 events took place around the world in January marking the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

In mid-January, the long-awaited tour of the Estonian Festival Orchestra kicked off, led by conductor Paavo Järvi. The tour’s launch was marked by the international premiere of Erkki-Sven Tüür’s new work “Mythos” in Brussels. A mini festival, dedicated to another well-known Estonian composer, also took place in Brussels. On 26-28 January, the Flagey Building was filled with Arvo Pärt’s music, films, exhibitions and lectures inspired by his works. The weekend’s performances featuring Tõnu Kaljuste, Risto Joost, Kaspars Putninš, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra were completely sold out. In addition to the music of Arvo Pärt, the works of Ülo Krigul, Veljo Tormis and Liisa Hirsch were also performed, with the latter composer’s work enjoying its premiere. In addition to Brussels, celebrations also reached the United States, where the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, directed by Neeme Järvi, began its tour. Estonian musicians’ concerts were also enjoyed in England at the renowned Barbican Centre in London and in Dublin, Ireland, where the Grammy Award-winning Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performed. The concerts have been a great success, they were completely sold out at both the London and Dublin venues.

In addition to the music events, Michel Sittow’s exhibition was opened at the U.S. National Gallery in Washington, in collaboration with the Art Museum of Estonia. Sittow is the first Estonian artist whose works have graced the walls of the National Gallery. Also as part of our centenary celebrations, Estonian jewellery and leather artists had the opportunity to take part in Stockholm Fashion Week, where seven Estonian designers were introduced during the three-day event.

“In January, just a mere few weeks before Estonia’s great anniversary, a number of initiatives which took a long time to prepare, were finally launched. For example, both Michel Sittow’s exhibition and Arvo Pärt’s weekend were in the planning stages for years, requiring the commitment and problem-solving capabilities of countless people. We are truly happy, that both the audience and our partners abroad have appreciated this effort with their gratitude and warm welcome. In addition, more future opportunities for cooperation are being dicussed, thanks to these successes,” Head of the Estonia 100 International Programme Jorma Sarv was pleased to announce. According to Sarv, the tempo will not wane in February – various very interesting events will take place in more than 20 cities, starting in Riga all the way to Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Tbilisi and Sydney.

More than 40 events in cooperation with various partners will take place during the centenary month, in addition to dozens of celebrations organised by Estonians abroad and friends of Estonia from New York to Beirut. One of the biggest festivities of Estonians living abroad is the week-long ESTIVAL beginning on 10 February in Stockholm. Travelling from Estonia to perform at ESTIVAL are Trad.Attack!, Mari Kalkun, Liisi Koikson and the popular party circuit “Ennu ratas”. Just prior to the Anniversary of the Republic, the Baltikum Festival will begin in Berlin, the opening concert of which is dedicated to the work of Arvo Pärt. Other Estonian artists featured will be Maarja Nuut, as well as Kristjan Randalu and Tuulikki Bartosik performing with the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, conducted by Kristjan Järvi. The busy week of February at the Berlin Concert Hall will continue on into March, when Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson’s “Adam’s Passion” will be performed outside of Estonia for the first time.

The international programme of Estonia 100 began last year with Estonia holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time, hosting nearly 100 events in half a year. The celebratory international programme runs until the end of 2018. Although the schedule remains open, as of today 138 events are known to be taking place outside of Estonia to mark the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

In 2018, Estonia celebrates its 100th birthday

Estonia wishes to share its birthday with you in Estonia and abroad. The programme includes best parts of Estonian culture, IT, science and enterprises.

Celebrations will kick off in April 2017 to mark a century since Estonia’s administrative borders took their current form, will continue throughout 2018 and 2019, and come to a grand close on the 2nd February 2020 when the 100th anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty will be honoured.

This is a celebration we can all take part in and it is up to us to make it memorable.

Estonia will be also holding the presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2017. Approximately 20 high-level meetings, visits, conferences and 200+ other presidency-related events will take place in Estonia during this period.