100th birthday in Estonia

Come and celebrate our birthday in Estonia. We have a lot of events, activities, great dining places, unique clean environment and so much more to offer You!
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Celebrate around the globe

A unique Estonia 100 and EU Presidency international programme will reach more than 30 countries in 2017 and 2018. Take a look at the programme which combines the best parts of Estonian culture, science, IT and enterprises.
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An overview of Estonian Presidency and Estonia100 cultural events in Europe in November and December

An overview of Estonian Presidency and Estonia100 cultural events in Europe in November and December

In connection with the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Estonian centenary, the November and December cultural programme will include exhibitions in Paris, Helsinki and Brussels, a tour of Finland by the Estonian National Opera, and a birthday party for Estonia in Düsseldorf and Nanterre.


Exhibition: The Bridge: greetings from two republics

The exhibition The Bridge: greetings from two republics will show at the Virka Gallery in Helsinki, Finland until 25 February. ‘The Bridge’ celebrates one hundred years of Estonian and Finnish independence from the perspective of communication and cultural exchange between the two peoples. There are four themes in the exhibition: The Finnish Bridge, Souvenirs, Own Land – Own Will, and Independence Culture. The most important turning points of Estonian and Finnish history are presented as a timeline. The exhibition consists of photographs, maps, films and TV shows, posters, everyday items, and photo and video artworks of four Estonian and four Finnish artists.


Tampere and London Jazz

Estonian jazz artists continue conquering the major jazz events of Europe. In November, they will perform at the Tampere Jazz Happening in Finland and at one of the biggest jazz events of the world, the London Jazz Festival. In Tampere, the Estonian stage will feature Kirke Karja Quartet, Kadri Voorand with Mihkel Mälgand, and the group Heavy Beauty. In London, the lineup will include the Weekend Guitar Trio, Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow, and Peedu Kass Momentum, as well as Kadri Voorand with Mihkel Mälgand, and Heavy Beauty.

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Pan-European startups’ eGovernance Solution competition

Creative Estonia in cooperation with the global entrepreneurship competition Creative Business Cup, organised a startup competition called Creative Business Solutions: eGovernance to find innovative ideas and solutions for new e-services. The project includes participating in the global event Creative Business Cup in Denmark on 15-16 November, where around 600 startups from across the world convene. The event will present the success story of the Estonian e-state and the viable ideas of local startups for developing e-services.


BEL:EST A Laboratory for the City of Europe in Brussels

In the spring of 2017, five architects from five Estonian architectural practices joined five local architectural practices in Brussels for five days to offer solutions to the urban problems of the Belgian capital through architecture and urban planning. The solutions of the five teams on five subjects will take the form of an exhibition in the autumn, first showing at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale and then at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels in November. The exhibition will run in Brussels from 21 November to 10 January.


Estonian National Opera’s tour of Finland

The centenary of Finland is celebrated as early as in December. Together with the centenary of Estonia and the first Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, it provides the perfect opportunity to go on tour in Finland. In November, the Estonian National Opera will offer theatre for all ages in Finland: Delibes’ ballet Coppélia, Vinter’s/Raudmäe’s musical Pippi Longstocking, Tubin’s ballet The Goblin, Verdi’s opera La traviata, Puur’s opera The Colours of Clouds, baby concerts, and many engaging educational projects. Conductors include Vello Pähn, Jüri Alperten, Lauri Sirp and Priit Aimla. The tour will culminate in the joint Estonian-Finnish gala concert at the Helsinki Musiikkitalo on 25 November.


Edward von Lõngus in Paris

The unique digital street art of Edward von Lõngus will arrive in Paris on 7 December. Lõngus’s works combine digital solutions and street art, and have already taken over the walls of Brussels, Rome, Helsinki, and Berlin; and now it starts in Paris. The characters, from bygone eras with their period clothing and props, are transposed into modern times where they explore modern life and people. Every character tells a story – with a characteristically Estonian twist.


Estonian design exhibition in Paris

From 8 December 2017 to 21 January 2018, the Paris design centre Cité de la Mode et du Design will host the Creative Culture exhibition introducing Estonian culture and lifestyle. The event includes the Size Doesn’t Matter exhibition – curated by the Estonian Association of Designers, a pop-up shop, an installation by Salto Architects, and an Estonian-themed photo exhibition by French photographer Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano. The programme includes a conversation with fashion designer Reet Aus and screenings of Estonian animations. The aim of the month-and-a-half-long event is to introduce Estonia and various sides of Estonian culture, mostly through design.


Kanuti GILD’s Sünnipäevapidu (Birthday Party) in Düsseldorf and Nanterre

On 24 and 25 November in Düsseldorf and on 15 and 16 December in Nanterre, Estonian theatre, films, and exciting experts will celebrate the Estonian centenary. What makes Sünnipäevapidu (Birthday Party) special is the fact that the programme will be created based on the local context with local partners. It is weekend that combines shows, films, visual and musical experiences, and design/IT solutions that will, on the one hand, demonstrate Estonia’s obvious place in the European cultural space, and on the other hand, allows Estonia to demonstrate what makes Estonia unique.


In 2018, Estonia celebrates its 100th birthday

Estonia wishes to share its birthday with you in Estonia and abroad. The programme includes best parts of Estonian culture, IT, science and enterprises.

Celebrations will kick off in April 2017 to mark a century since Estonia’s administrative borders took their current form, will continue throughout 2018 and 2019, and come to a grand close on the 2nd February 2020 when the 100th anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty will be honoured.

This is a celebration we can all take part in and it is up to us to make it memorable.

Estonia will be also holding the presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2017. Approximately 20 high-level meetings, visits, conferences and 200+ other presidency-related events will take place in Estonia during this period.